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For the purpose of maintaining a safe and trusted marketplace at, and to avoid any unauthorized use of the website, it is required by the Freelancers to accept these Terms of Use and to comply with it. These terms are set forth to prohibit the unauthorized use of the website in addition to the Privacy Policy.

Following are the uses of this website that are prohibited:

  • Seeking our or offering obscene service or activities on the said website. These include the intellectual property rights i.e. copyright of someone else’s entity or service, and also the creation and reviewing of obscene or explicit material.
  • Posting material that is of offensive nature.
  • Offering or ratifying services that might violate the terms of services of the LancerHop website.
  • Attempts to bill fraudulently to the clients either by forging or attempting to forge the hours spent on LancerHop or by billing the client unknowingly while using the name of LancerHop.
  • Spamming the clients.
  • Demanding bribes or unethical ways of learning.
  • Posting of the content that might harass the people involved or violate the rights of LancerHop.
  • Posting of information that might identify a different person.
  • Taking the payments without the intention of providing the services.

The profiles you create on this website, proposals or other content on this website should be truthful and not disingenuous. Following are the examples of use that are verboten on the website:

  • Ambiguous Freelancer’s experience or skills information.
  • Impersonating a person that is not you.
  • Allowing others to use your account at LancerHop.
  • Falsifying the relationship you have with LancerHop.
  • Untruthfully stating that one will do the work while another person, in fact, performs the work.

It is to our sole discretion that we hold the right to investigate any violations subject to these terms. Upon investigating these violations, we may prohibit the access of the content that violated the terms mentioned here.

If in any case, it comes to your notice that certain terms are violated, you must immediately report them to LancerHop. You agree that you will help us in scrutinizing the said violations and help in determining the remedial steps that might be required to remedy the desecration of the terms.